Friday, December 9, 2011

I've moved...

...because: name was too long
...I didn't just want to update you on my life, but rather focus more on heart-matters, God-lessons heart had the vision, so I go, and then it was confirmed by Higher, so I go.
Here you have it:
                                                                    Deborah Isabel

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Surprise, Surprise!

    No, I'm not constantly leaving my family to go celebrate friends ceremonial passings into this stage or that. I have had more of these at recent though, I do admit. Derek and I go with friends to Martinsburg Ohio for a wedding, I hop in a car with three other young ladies and head to Holmes County after the event. Cherie and Kelsey sneak out of the house while Christy opens presents and pick me up. We screech with excitement!!! Walk in the house with whispers and an attempt at "natural".She just opened her new feather pen, and isn't about to look up to see who walks in. We roll the camera and try to gracefully get her attention, finally she looks up to answer a question...I stand and smile... eyes turn big and round, jaw drops, we burst into laughter...SURPRISE! I don't have much time tonight to say how totally wonderful the weekend was...seeing all kinds of friends, and oh,....late nights, laughs, biscotti, cheese cake, blessings, tears, presents...CELEBRATE!
They sing... beautifully.

The pen.

Cousins, having almost too much fun.

The next morning, after biscotti, coffee, and breakfast casserole, we look at old pictures to display on walls for the Bat Mitzvah.

The Aunts make us laugh, and support their maturing nieces.

Monica wraps the breath-taking gift with sting,

We step out the short walk to the church to decorate and prepare food, fall crisp air joining us on our course.


We make coffee filter flowers to cover yellow duct tape.

The mother and queen of ceremony prepares food.

The Lady we honor this night as she steps into a new stage of beautiful womanhood.

We walk back home to powder and primp ourselves for the special event

Our dressing chamber. 

Cherie dear charms us with her beautiful handwriting and direction-giving ability. :)

Practice and prayer.

Sweet friends come, bless, and celebrate.

I don't believe I've ever seen so much creative brown paper packages in my life.

Blessings written here.

Key to the dear heart is given to her father.

And he's touched...sweet.

Beautiful heart-felt solo.

"magnify" violin solo.

Four different kinds of cheesecake? That's the way to celebrate a going into womanhood.

Christy is so much fun to buy gifts for, and to watch open them, for she is a woman of many passions, and pours her whole heart into all.

She got an overdoes of chocolate.

Amazing gifts.

Dessert tables.

Perhaps crazy pictures are cheesy, but fairly natural for this group. This was after we cleaned up from the whipped cream  dousing. :)

I surprise them another time by staying in Holmes County one more night, and so we haves more coffee, cheesecake, popcorn, and biscotti.
I hope the pictures spell out words I have no time to express. The weekend was blessed, and full of blessings. So grateful it worked out.
Goodnight dear readers.
-Deborah Isabel

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

2011 Students.

Purpose of shoot: Try out new camera and reflector, as well as pictures to use for decoration purposes in our school/craft room, and lastly, I feel like my siblings are all growing up so fast that I should take them on weekly photoshoots. 

I give you my poised and expressive sister, and the beauty of evening sun. 

Mother was gone that night, at a women's conference. Supper was in the oven (some of it), and Father and Older Brother were home holding the fort down at home when the four youngest hurried out the door in order to catch the remaining light of the day. 

I got stressed out a little....(why do I do this on photoshoots!?...because I don't know what I'm doing, and how to fix the problem, which is frustrating. :).. but still super fun.) For the majority of the shoot I was still getting "lighting shots". Ha! So Grace was somewhat posing...somewhat just being random while I was shooting. (Here's she directing an orcrastra! :))

They were talking to me the whole time...and to each is the best to take on shoots..relaxed and natural. She was sitting on the desk telling this random story (Because she thought my quick up-do on her hair was very messy...thankfully she still liked it. :)): "Yeah, my sister was gone and my mom is sick, so I had to do my own hair to come to school today...." :) 

Grace is the third grader in our small school. Mother is her personal tutor...and on busy days Big, graduated, brother is her second teacher. (Only if work doesn't call him elsewhere) 

Her brothers were making her laugh here.... then they would tease her and her face would completely change into her "annoyed look"...I have some great pictures of those looks that we'll laugh at in photo albums years from now.  

Eugene takes the camera and Kyle handles the reflector for a few of yours truly. I am the Senior in the house this year, and enjoying doing mostly reading for this last year of formal education.

Dolley Madison is a personal hero... I picked up her Biography at the Library the day before the shoot as a part of my history and decided it to be a descriptive personal prop.

Oh Eugene.....our 11th grade student. He excels in always getting things done...and on school.

I was showing a friend these pictures and she said "You can just see this air about Eugene in all his pictures.." she said doing her own dominant male look to depict unspoken words. You so can... and that's so what he is...In command...loud and dominant...and most of all totally hilariousness! This guy has the best one-liners! It's true to say that "the party has arrived" when he walks into the room! :) It is God's spirit that obviously makes this man who He is, and I so enjoy (and sometimes don't get along with) his boisterous character.

I'm trying to think of a word other then "cute" right now....but none is quite as correct with this picture. (He chose his own outfit. Daddy's vest being the center piece. I did add the hat, however.)

This man is such a mystery. Gifted  by God in unique cool...sincere....and sensible jokester. (As in, his not loud and obnoxious, but can send us all into fits of uncontrolled laughter.). Onry is another adjective that goes along with his character.  Is it just me...or can you totally see that in all his expressions! :) He's believe eighth grade already!

Grace jumps in for a few with one of her big brothers. The one that provokes her most often...I try to explain to her that He just does it to get a reaction out of her, and does it because he loves her. It's hard for her to comprehend that at this point. But the older they both get, the more they enjoy each other. And they really can be sweet together. :)

 Eugene says something that amuses them....

I was doing Eugene's shots while Grace was trying on Kyle's hat and asked me to look at her...result above. Then she decided that she needs to do a few takes with the hat as well. "Sure take more pictures of Grace, why don't we!" comments Kyle who's a little bitter about cute curls taking the show. he he...

The sun was becoming less and less as we posed for a few self- timer shots before heading home for supper. 

"Are there not five Miller children?" you may ask. "Yes, indeed, but only four still in school." I reply for those curious of the sudden subtraction
Deborah Isabel